Perfect combination of ANALYSES and FILTERS

LFAS stands for Litt-C Filtration Analysis Services, providing our valued customers with the world class filtration-related analysis services, are hosted and instructed by a group of Japanese experts.

LFAS is our core business to differ us from almost all current filter suppliers in the semiconductor, biochemistry, specialty chemicals, food and beverage, LCD and optical discs industries.

For always we bear in mind that only through perfect correlation and combination of "ANALYSES" and "FILTERS" can we resolve your filtration-related problems effectively by evidences, and offer you with our greatest suggestions.

Hereunder are a few examples of analyses we are able to perform

1. Metal Ions Detection

PPT-level metal ion detections are performed using our innovative ICP-MS equipment.

2. CMP Slurry Particles Detection CMP

Our CMP slurry particle distribution analysis uses NICOMP PSS apparatus to analyze particles ranging from 6nm to 6µm of aggregates, agglomerates and microgels formed from working slurry particles.

3. Particle Material Detection

Our innovative Micro FT-IR analysis instrument is able to process fine particles as small as 5µm to analyze their material of constructions.

4. Particle Size Detection

We can accurately count numbers and distributions of particles ranging from 0.04 µm to 200µm in the fluid using our NION particle counting apparatus.

5. 100,000X SEM analyses

We provide you with the SEM at 100,000X analysis services.

6. LC-UV (PDA)

We scan PDA full-wave band with UV to detect organic extractables and leachables in the fluid or chemical you have provided or, to compare levels of extractables from various filters.

7. Filter Integrity Test Equipment

We can accurately perform Filter Integrity Tests including Bubble Point Test, Diffusional Flow Test, Pressure Hold Test , Water Intrusion Test etc., to examine any possible defects within the filter membrane or during filter assembling.

We provide Micro-organism, GC-MS, NVR, TOC, Particle Shedding, Bacteria Challenge, Pore Size Distribution, Integrity Tests..... over 50 specific items. All these analyses are being performed in our own laboratories hosted by a group of Japanese experts. Please refer to the following summarized "ITEMS OF LFAS" to check out all the valuable items we can serve you.

For simplified Examples of Our Reports, Please refer to our web page "REPORTS".