For always we bear in mind

That only through perfect correlation and combination of ANALYSES and FILTERS
can we resolve your filtration-related problems effectively by evidence,
and offer you with our greatest suggestions.

Our new semicon-laboratory scale and accomplishments:

Total investment amount is USD 3,500,000 (newly built up lab specifically for worldwide semiconductor industries), annual maintenance cost is USD 1,100,000 and has released over 2800 (from all our 6 major laboratories) outstanding test reports per year.

We have been taught by Japanese well-known semiconductor experts/ teachers to get deepest knowledges and experiences for years and with modest and open-minded attitude toward each and every reports we delivered and discussed with our valued customers. Hereunder please find our simplified sample test reports (customer's names have been politely black blinded).

Litt-C Corp., provides professional technical and scientific assistance to filtration solutions.

Through successful joint ventures with partners in the field of filtration analysis services, we have built up a laboratory for semiconductor and biochemistry industries and have the first -rate team in the world. We engaged Japanese technical and quality manager and adopt rigid Japanese quality control methods in filtration-related analyses, markets of optimum filter membranes and filter device production.

Examples of LFAS:

(Litt-C Filtration Analysis Services)

  • SEM Analysis 100000+X
  • EDS Analysis
  • Micro FT-IR for particle size of >= 5 micron
  • Particle Distribution ranging from 5nm ~ 6um
  • Particle count of >= 0.04 micron particles
  • Particle count of all channel 0.15 ~ 200 micron
  • ICP-MS/ ppt level
  • Particle Shedding Analysis 0.04 ~ 0.5 micron
  • LC-UV (PDA)
  • Pore Size Distribution 0.013 ~ 500 micron
  • All Kinds of Integrity Tests

To overview more than 50 specific filtration-related test items, Please refer to the following summarized ITEMS OF LFAS.